Current Ministries

Below is a list of our Current Ministries
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Armor Bearers Ministry
Armor Bearers Ministry is called to serve and protect the Leaders of the church. We stand beside our leaders to assist, encourage, pray, and protect against the enemy and his attacks. We are called to stand in the

Audio Visual
Kingdom Faith A/V Ministry is a ministry that strives to give the vision of the house legs by using state of the art equipment and excellent minds. We help create opportunities to have an intimate encounter with God, through worship and word!

Building Operations
The Building Operations team is responsible for ensuring that the Sanctuary of the Lord is in beautiful condition every week for our members to worship in.

C.R.E.A.M. (Christ Rules Everything Around Me)
Christ Rules Everything Around Me (CREAM) Youth Ministry exists to transparently teach the gospel to build young disciples. We accomplish this through mentorship, providing spiritual encounters and SUPER LIT Bible driven sessions just for our youth.

Creative Team
The Creative Ministry exists to create visual illustrations and props to help express the word of God impactfully.

Dance Ministry
Kingdom Faith Fellowship Dance Ministry exists to demonstrate the love of God through creative movement and fine arts. We accomplish this by being consistent in living a Christ-like lifestyle. We seek to utilize our gift of dance to encourage others to have and maintain a deeper relationship with God.

Deacons and Deaconess
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Finance Ministry
The Finance team serves to achieve and maintain the financial well-being of KFFC. We strive to steward the financial resources of the church according to 2 Cor 8:18-21 and Matt 25:14-30. Aligning to Pastors’ vision and the mission of the church, we support and advise on financial decisions, and establish and monitor funding strategy and plans.

F.O.C.U.S. (Singles Ministry)
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The Greeters Ministry exists to demonstrate the love of God through acts of service, hospitality and kindness. We accomplish this goal by welcoming and assisting visitors and members with the love of God and the compassion of Jesus.

House Band
Being a musician at Kingdom Faith requires more than just the ability to play music; it requires an authentic relationship with the Lord. Our musicians usher in his presence with beautiful melodies every week, as well as maintain a flow throughout our services.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry (S.W.A.T.)
Spiritual Warfare Attack Team (SWAT) serves as the intercessory prayer team for KFF. Our commission is to cover the people of God and the house of God in prayer. Waging spiritual warfare on their behalf. We aspire to see God's people fulfill their God ordained assignments and become the people God has designed them to be.

Joshua Gathering (Young Adults)
The Joshua Gathering is our young adult ministry. We set an example of right living for individuals between the ages of 18-35. Through church events, community engagement and fellowship, we influence and advance the kingdom agenda; encouraging other young adults to authentically TRY JESUS.

Kingdom Ambassadors
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Kingdom Kids (Children's Ministry)
The K Kids ministry exists to disciple school aged children (aged 3-10) by preaching Christ, sharing age appropriate lessons and illustrations and having a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!!

Marriage Ministry
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Men of Valor
Our men's group is dedicated to equipping husbands, fathers, and brothers to live a life as a powerful, and anointed man of God. 

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Mothers Board
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New Breed
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Nurses Ministries
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Outreach Team
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Praise Team
Next to the word, the Praise Team is a vital, and very involved part of the ministry.

Pastoral Care
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P3 (Poets, Pens, & Paper)
P3 (Poets, Pens & Paper) is a poetic ministry that serves as a creative window to the house of God. The purpose of this ministry is to be an element of worship, and exhortation; to knock on the hearts of the people. We accomplish this purpose by being sensitive to what God is declaring through the preached Word, cross-ministry collaboration, and using our voices to share what God gives through poetry, pens and paper!

Prophetic Circle
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Special Events
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Women of Style (Women's Ministry)
The Women of Style is structured to provide a place for the women of our ministry to be able to relate and fellowship with one another. The annual Pillow Talk event serves as a time for women to detach from the normal day-to-day and commune with their sisters in the house of the Lord.